Doors open for first look at library

By: Lauren Gibbs, The Placer Herald
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In a time when other cities are closing libraries, Rocklin’s new library was unveiled to the public. Set to open Jan. 10, the new location is more spacious, features state-of-the-art equipment and will include a larger selection of books. Monday morning, a dedication ceremony was held at the new library. The library is near completion — one of the last steps is to shelve the books. Located at the corner of Rocklin Road and Granite Drive, the building, with a large outdoor water feature, is a focal point for that corner of Rocklin. Jim Durfee, director of Placer County Department of Facility Services, said the location was cost-effective and was supported by Rocklin City Council and redevelopment agency members. “We’ve all driven passed this building for years,” Durfee said of the location. The new Rocklin library is approximately 16,000 square feet — more than twice as large as the city’s former 7,800-square-foot library. The added space will allow for more technology, such as self check-out, larger childrens areas and a larger selection of books. The book selection will be beefed up with more variety and popular books, according to Eve Nyren, Rocklin senior librarian. “We want to have what readers want,” she said. Part of the collection will also include business-related books, which will be paid for in part by a $400 donation from the South Placer Rotary Club. Another portion of the new novels will be paid for through money raised by the Rocklin Friends of the Library. According to Francine Yorde, Library Advisory board member, District 2 president of the group, the money raised was not needed for construction. Instead, funds will be used toward landscaping the exterior and purchasing new materials. Construction was completed by Sequoia Pacific Builders, with interior design by Anderson Brule Architects and includes subtle ties to the railroad. Pieces of the library’s ceiling imitate the look of train tracks with wood-slats. Nyren said the design will be user friendly with an information desk where visitors can ask any question. The childrens’ areas also include softer materials to cushion the sounds. “I think it will be beautiful, comfortable and easy to use,” Nyren said. Nyren said she envisions first-time visitors saying, “‘Wow, this is a place where I would like to hang out.’” Rocklin Mayor Scott Yuill said he also hopes it helps revitalize and bring foot traffic to downtown Rocklin. “This is truly a win-win-win for the county, the city, the taxpayers,” he said. Durfee said the project saved the county time and money. Approximately 15 percent was saved by locating the library in an already existing building instead of building from the ground up. Initially, the estimate came at $3.2 million. The bid price was $2.3 million, saving the county $900,000. The use of reusable materials, such as bookshelves purchased after the Borders in Roseville closed, helped make Rocklin’s new library a reality. “It allows us to continue forward when most people are going backwards,” Durfee said. Rocklin Library Open: Jan. 10 Location: 4890 Granite Drive, Rocklin Grand Celebration When: 2-5 p.m. Jan. 22 Information: