Letters to the Editor

Dream could become a reality

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Did you read the article “Another View: City should dream big” by Janet Dunlap, Rocklin Historical Society volunteer (Nov. 9)? It was a greatly moving article. Want to get inspired and energized? You can read Janet’s article at, in the Opinion section.

We are learning that working with developers will be the city’s best recourse to get around the larger government’s dissolution of our redevelopment plans for the Big Gun Quarry. I say, there must be a way to do this.

Come again to a City Council meeting. Ask to form a committee that can prove to the City Council members they need not be convinced there is nothing more that can be done. Ask them to join the “dream” and tell us what ways we can play an active role to get information to the developers as early as possible.

A committee could create an informative brochure using some of Janet’s thoughts, including pictures and a striking short historical story, and information showing the magnitude history plays in the city of Rocklin. Some dollar figures could show a developer there’s money in them there rocks, even if they adopt a historical perspective for development, and more.

We must convince developers it makes sense to hop on our city’s bandwagon and want to do what it takes to sustain Rocklin’s history.

Questions, ideas? Email our city manager:

Jill Fellows, Rocklin