E-waste fundraiser will help orphaned kittens

Granite Oaks students organize event
By: By Kate Suggs and Morgan Helder, special to the Placer Herald
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Approximately three out of four computers bought and sold in the United States sit in storage collecting dust. To solve this problem, Granite Oaks Middle School’s seventh grade California Junior Scholarship Federation will host a free electronic waste drop-off with CEAR, a state licensed recycler of e-waste.

CJSF is an honor society that hosts a community service project every year; this year the leadership team decided on an e-waste collection that will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 11.

Bring your e-waste to the Granite Oaks Middle School’s parking lot at 2600 Wyckford Blvd. The electronic waste drive is an opportunity to clear out useless trash for free; all donors have to do is bring their e-waste and the volunteers will gladly unload it. While participants benefit from the drive, the fundraiser is also a simple way to make a positive difference on the health of our home, planet Earth.  Recycling your worthless electronics keeps up to 4.6 million tons of electronic devices out of landfills or from being incinerated.  Unfortunately, these practices result in the release of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury into the atmosphere.

In addition to helping donors and the environment, proceeds will go to Kitten Central of Placer County, a nonprofit local organization that fosters homeless kittens in a loving environment. The program is run by 25 dedicated families who foster animals for more than nine rescue organizations. With 300-500 kittens coming in per year, finances are needed to provide the necessities for nurturing these orphaned kittens, including formula, vaccines, food, litter and other critical medical supplies to nurse these kittens to health and prepare them for adoption.

Don’t hesitate; save our planet by cleaning out your closet and donate your e-waste this May.

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Kate Suggs and Morgan Helder are Granite Oaks seventh-grade California Junior Scholarship Federation members.