Election night coverage – website will have latest news

By: Lauren Gibbs, Associate Editor
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The election season is a busy time here at The Placer Herald. My inbox floods with e-mails on local and national campaigns, letters to the editor, and reader questions on election coverage. Being a local newspaper, our coverage focuses on local, Rocklin elections of the city council and school board races. The last few weeks, we’ve had many, many letters in support or against various candidates and it’s been great to see the community use the local newspaper to get the word out on the candidates they’ll be voting for on Nov. 2. One letter in today’s paper states that like many Rocklin residents, he has never attended a city council meeting and doesn’t know all eight candidates running for Rocklin City Council. “Therefore, we can only judge their merits on their prospective and other info per The Placer Herald …,” Ken Potter writes. Because many residents may be in the same boat as Potter, unfamiliar with the candidates, we’ve been profiling local candidates, covering forums and getting as much information out there to help voters make their decision. If you’ve missed any of the election coverage in The Placer Herald, it’s easily accessible on our website, Once on the homepage, hover over News and click on the Election tab. All of our coverage can be found there. To see what your fellow residents think about the candidates, look through our Opinion section of the website and you’ll see a range of opinions and support through letters to the editor. We’ve also devoted many pages in this week’s paper to election letters. In an effort to be fair, next week’s paper will be reserved for only letters to the editor that rebut a political letter that previously ran. But if you’d still like to share your views, we will be uploading remaining letters to our website through the end of the month. Send your letters to me at to get them onto our website. Our website not only allows us to continue to share reader input, but allows us to give readers immediate election coverage the night of Nov. 2. We will be covering the election results on our website the night of Nov. 2 and will have result coverage in the Nov. 4 paper as well. Also, follow us on Facebook for election night results. Go to and click “like” to get the latest Rocklin news.