Ensure parks are safe, green

Letter to the editor
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In a recent Placer Herald article (July 16), someone I’m told who doesn’t live in Rocklin (Mr. Tom Hudson) objected to our city continuing an annual park maintenance fee that has been collected for 20 years. He doesn’t live in our town and apparently doesn’t care about whether we have properly maintained parks or not.  Parks are a nonpartisan issue. This measure is about maintaining our Rocklin parks for all residents regardless of political affiliation. Measure A is supported by a wide cross-section of Rocklin residents, every Rocklin sports league, the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce in addition to every member of the Rocklin School Board, Rocklin Recreation Commission, Rocklin Planning Commission, Citizen’s Redevelopment Advisory Committee and Rocklin City Council. This is one thing that Republicans, Democrats, Greens and unaffiliated voters should all be able to agree on. I invite all Rocklin residents, regardless of official political party designation, to join me in a community consensus. Vote Yes on Measure A — it doesn’t increase taxes and it ensures that our parks will be safe and green. That’s something my family will vote for! Franklin Burris, Rocklin