Everything is going to be all right

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I am writing to reassure people that everything is going to be all right. I am a teacher in Roseville, so I get to work with the future everyday. And that's why I know that everything will be all right. Because every single day I see kids who can communicate and collaborate effectively, face and solve problems confidently, think critically, speak articulately, read thoroughly and write thoughtfully. Right now, there are kids who are working on ways to change the world. And they are teaching me. There are kids organizing donation efforts, planning for careers that help, recycling, conserving, contributing, paying it forward and just simply putting others before themselves. Those kids are in my classroom, and my classroom is typical of a plethora of classrooms – locally and globally. I am lucky. Because right now, other people are stressed: the economy, the violence, the war, the holidays, the headlines. But, I know everything is going to be fine. I can see the future in my students. So, I guess I'm writing for two reasons. First, to really ease your mind. Things will get better and things will one day be really, really good. Second, and more importantly, to thank my students – past and present – for teaching me daily, for giving me faith in the future and for proving that we can change the world. Dana Duncan, Roseville