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Facebook, Twitter now a vital part of reporting

By: Krissi KhoKhobashvili
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It can be hard to get in touch with me on Tuesdays. That’s because every Tuesday morning, I pack up the necessities from my Pacific Street office and head to the Auburn Journal, where the Herald is paginated.

Last Tuesday, as I put the finishing touches on my story about the Old Town Rocklin Christmas Tree lighting, I got an email from event co-chair Gene Johnson, letting me know that the storm was going to postpone the event a week. It wasn’t too late to get the change in the paper, but I didn’t want our readers to have to wait until Thursday to find out.
Off to Facebook I went, where I posted Gene’s announcement, and to Twitter, where I let the Herald’s followers know about the date change. Numerous other Rocklinites were posting about the change, as well, and their Tweets and Facebook posts were being circulated, hopefully, to hundreds of people who were planning to attend the festive event.
At a weekly paper, it can be hard to get the news in the paper in a timely fashion (especially if it happens on a Wednesday!). That’s why I spend part of every day checking out social media, seeing what Rocklin is up to and posting stories throughout the week, including breaking news.
So, if you see something “newsy” happening in Rocklin, let me know about it! Email, tell me about it on Facebook or Tweet at me, @ThePlacerHerald. With so much going on in Rocklin, your eyes and ears are much appreciated.