Families gather to celebrate everyday heroes

Second annual Patriot's day event held Sunday
By: Anne Stokes, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Rocklin residents gathered Sunday to celebrate everyday heroes. Rocklin’s second annual Patriot’s Day was both a chance for the community to show their support and appreciation for local police, firefighters, emergency medical responders and military personnel, as well as a time to pay tribute to the men and women who gave their lives on 9/11. “I think this is important because it was a tragic day, and I think that it’s good to remember those people and also to let people know that the men and women in our community sacrifice a lot,” said Rocklin Fire Chief Jim Summers. “So to come out here to celebrate 9/11 and the [first responders] in our community is so important.” Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence echoed Summers’ thoughts. “It’s events like this that bring communities like Rocklin together,” added Lawrence. “Together we will eradicate our country of tyranny, of terrorism, of the evils that do our communities harm. The community members, law enforcement, the public safety, fire — we’re all one team; we’re one community. Together we can keep our community safe.” The Cardoza family of Rocklin attended to check out the activities and demonstrations as well as to give their children a chance to get to know the people who may come to their aid in an emergency. “We’ve had an emergency before,” said JR Cardoza. “We had firemen at our house and it scared our kids and they hid underneath the beds. The more exposure they get in a non-scary situation, the more likely they are to run to them if there’s a problem instead of running away from them.” Amy Nygren of Rocklin brought her two sons because they had such a good time at the inaugural event. While they watched and learned from law enforcement officers, they also realized they should be thankful for their efforts to keep the community safe. “We have a lot of family in the military, so it keeps them knowing what it’s all about, to appreciate what we have in our freedoms,” said Nygren.