FBI arrests Roseville man who fled trial

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A Roseville resident has been arrested in New York City, 14 days after he fled?Placer?County where he was on trial. Patrick Gregory Baccari, 32, ran away to the East?Coast during a weekend break in the trial, where he was being prosecuted on charges of rape in an incident that occurred in early 2009 in Rocklin, according to a Rocklin?Police Department press release. He was also charged with burglary and assault with the intent to commit rape during the commission of a first-degree burglary, the report said. Baccari, who was out on $50,000 bail, left California Oct. 16, traveling first to Philadelphia, Pa., and then to New York City, according the report. When he failed to show up for court on Oct. 17 as ordered, the judge issued a no bail warrant for his arrest due to his failure to appear. Investigators from the Rocklin Police Department and the Placer County District Attorney’s Office were able to show that Baccari had fled the state voluntarily and the trial continued in his absence. On Oct.19, Baccari was convicted of four of the six felony charges. Once it was determined Baccari had fled the state to avoid prosecution, investigators turned to the FBI for assistance. The FBI was able to obtain a no- bail unlawful flight to avoid prosecution warrant for the arrest of Baccari, which allowed the use of federal resources to assist in his capture, the report said. When Baccari’s location was identified, FBI agents in New York City were able to locate and apprehend him within several hours of receiving the information on Friday. Baccari now faces extradition to Placer County to be sentenced on Nov. 4 for the four felony charges. He faces additional charges for failing to appear in court during his trial, police said.