Five questions with Keaton Boyle

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Recent Whitney High graduate Keaton Boyle was not only a Class of 2010 valedictorian, but also earned a perfect score on both the ACT and the math portion of the SAT, both of which are college entrance exams. He will be attending UCLA in the fall. Boyle managed to maintain his record of straight As while still doing well in extra-curricular activities. He constantly raises the bar and always seems to top his last achievement. Boyle hopes to further his leadership skills used at Whitney High School by one day changing the world, whether that requires him to be a politician or the owner of a large cooperation. 1. Why do you believe academics hold such importance? “I would say academics are a driving force for the advancement of society. Having an educated populace is key for advancement. On the more liberal arts side of things, I think learning how to think is crucial. I got more out of the classes where I decided to actually think instead of just regurgitate answers. Thinking is one of the most important things a person can do, more important, perhaps, than advancing as a society, is understanding as a society.” 2. What sparked your drive to do so well academically? What role do you believe parents play in a child’s academic track? ”I think parents play a crucial role in how students think of academics. That being said, too much prodding, and the kid’s just going to come to hate school. I suppose I’ve always sort of been on an academic track. I was in the GATE program at Rocklin Elementary. Now, to an extent, I feel like those sorts of earlier successes have become a part of what I should continue doing. I’ve got my own shoes from the previous years to fill.” 3. What advice would you give to high school students who hope to do well? ”Do what you love, and if what you love is something that requires school, more power to you. If that’s the case, I’d say really try and think about what you’re learning. Don’t just memorize and regurgitate. Don’t just memorize dates of events; think about the philosophical and social context of those events. In terms of, what’s the most important thing to do to do well academically, I’d say organize and communicate. Just try to know your own schedule, and know your own limits and needs.” 4. What would you say the hardest part of academics is? What would you say the easiest part is? ”For me, the hardest part has been staying motivated. The easiest part would probably be those great moments where I can nail that question or that essay prompt. I’ve generally done pretty well. Of course, there have been some tests and projects that I didn’t score as well as I’d hoped.” 5. What do you hope to do after college? “After college, I am thinking of going to grad school, I’m not really sure where, and eventually I want to change the world! I think that’ll start off with working as an engineer in some corporation, but I hope that eventually maybe I would start my own company or get involved in politics, something like that.” ~Ilaf Esuf/Special to The Placer Herald Do you have someone you think should be featured in The Placer Herald? E-mail or call 774-7981 with who you’d like to see featured.