Future of Rocklin could be brighter

Letter to editor
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A hearing was held in Sacramento on Monday regarding the effort to save Clover Valley from development and to further the plan to make it into a nature preserve for historical education and outdoor enjoyment, possibly a major tourist draw. With all the railroad and granite mining history in our past, a historical downtown similar to Nevada City is achievable here. Visitors from the Bay Area wouldn?t need to drive as far as Nevada City for restaurants, museums or events. An effort to attract some anchor shopping would enhance the downtown experience ? See?s Candy and Trader Joe?s come to mind. Towns like San Luis Obispo have incorporated their natural environment into their downtown area. There is so much potential that appears to have been ignored in ?old Rocklin?. The City should require imaginative building as part of any proposition to develop, not the usual faux-Tuscan architecture so dominant in this area. The Rocklin Historical Society began the Christmas tree lighting ceremony last year at old St Mary?s church; the start of which might be Rocklin?s own old-fashioned holiday events. Over one thousand attended! In the rain! Tie that in with a charming downtown and a Clover Valley nature preserve and you have a year round destination for visitors from all over northern California bringing sales tax dollars to Rocklin. We need a larger vision, one that enlists the Historical Society?s guidance, as well as, the interested parties in Clover Valley?s future. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin