Getting to know a Rocklin Marine

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Rocklin Marine Cpl. Alex Bailey is stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in N.C. Bailey is the hazardous material non-commissioned officer for Marine Wing Support Squadron 271. 1. What’s your job? “My duties include handing out tools to the Marines in the shop and taking care of any hazardous material safety issues including spills and the overall safety cleanliness of the shop.” 2. What’s your favorite part? “Dealing with junior Marines and showing them how to properly do their job. Every time you teach someone else, it’s really something special.” 3. What’s the most challenging part? “Sometimes accomplishing everything I intend to finish within a normal workday can be very overwhelming.” 4. How does your job support the mission of Cherry Point? “My position as a non-commissioned officer and billet put me in a supervisory role in my shop. By guaranteeing that the Marines take care of everything they are supposed to I help make sure operations in my shop run safely and smoothly.” 5. How does your job in garrison differ from your job in the field? “In garrison there are far more safety inspections and regulations, which is fine because it keeps you on your toes.” ~Cpl. Rashaun X. James, Special to The Placer Herald