Grewohl patiently races on at All American Speedway

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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Late Model drivers look out, because Grewohl is gunning for glory. Bobby Grewohl has made his presence known by winning back-to-back races at All American Speedway in June. "This year is the first time I've ever raced for a championship," Grewohl said. "I never had the opportunity to race in a series all year and bring a championship home to a sponsor. I've proved to myself that I can win and now the next step is the championship." Grewohl started out this season pretty much under the radar for the first five races, finishing in the top five just once, but since then, he's finished third three times, second once and won two races, including the 100-lap Toyota TRD race June 5. "I was introduced to Bill McAnally by Ron Sutton," Grewohl said. "I took it upon myself to develop my relationship with Bill. He is a genuine guy. It's a natural fit. When I first raced for Bill in 2008, I came out with guns blazing. It didn't matter who was in my way. I have matured since then. I don't put myself in a position to not finish the race. I've never had to think this way before." He said he is still an aggressive driver, but he has learned to be patient. "You have to first finish before you can win," Grewohl said. "I've learned to look at the big picture instead of just the moment." Grewohl comes from a road racing background, but said short track ovals fit his style of racing. He has raced Formula Fords, Mazdas, Renoits, and USAC Midgets. He was an Indy Car development driver for Chip Ganassi from 2005 to 2006, and he has tested car aerodynamics for NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and for Indy Cars. He was on his way to what he thought would be a dream come true, a bright Indy Car Series future. When the economy turned in 2006, Ganassi had to get rid of his third car. Since Grewohl was low on the totem pole, he was left without a ride. In 2008, he raced seven Late Model races for Bill McAnally. He won four out of the seven races for McAnally, including three back-to-back races and the Open Showdown at All American Speedway. In 2009, he ran a full USAC Midget schedule. Grewohl said he knew that if he was going to make anything happen as far as a racing career, he would have to bring a sponsor on board himself. While he was pursuing sponsors, he met the owner of Pick n' Pull. They talked, and then Grewohl called McAnally about the potential sponsorship. Grewohl, Pick n' Pull and McAnally sat down for a meeting and sealed a deal to run a Late Model full time in 2010. Grewohl sits third in points, 20 points out of first, and he will be racing the No. 20 Pick n' Pull Late Model Saturday at All American Speedway. There will also be racing in Street Stock, Modified, and SRS. Any member of the military in uniform on July 3 will get free admission to the track.