Gutterglove gets Consumer Reports’ seal of approval

By: Teresa O'Hanlon, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Robert Lenney has pulled thousands of Northern California homeowners out of the gutter and it’s really paying off. The Rocklin co-founder and lead inventor of the Gutterglove line of gutter guards said his company has the best product in the industry and now Consumer Reports is backing him up. The September 2010 issue ranked Gutterglove Incorporated’s Gutterglove Pro No. 1 in all categories when compared to other gutter guard brands. “After 16 months of testing, Consumer Reports realized our Gutterglove technology was better at filtering debris out and letting rain go into the gutter,” Lenney said. “Our technology is taking over the industry.” Technology Lenney and partner John Lewis spent years perfecting after starting a gutter-cleaning business in the mid 1990s. “Ironically, we would get gutter cleaning jobs that had gutter guards on top of them,” Lenney said. “We thought, ‘Why would someone pay so much money to have a gutter guard installed and still have to go and clean the gutter?’” After observing how other products failed to keep out dirt, pine needles and leaves, while often collapsing into the gutter after a storm, Lenney and Lewis sought out a better system. For strength and durability, they use the same anodized aluminum found on the Sears Tower in Chicago. Their mesh rain filter has 8,100 holes per square inch. “The mesh is the highest grade of stainless steel on the market,” Lenney said. “The same kind that’s used in underwater applications because it won’t rust or corrode.” Popular Mechanics’ July 2010 issue highlighted the Gutterglove filtering system in a technology report because the product qualifies for high-fire zones under the new California fire code. Consumers have caught onto Gutterglove coverage and sales are storming. “We’ve just been really pleased with it,” said Rocklin homeowner Joy’ce Wilson who purchased a Gutterglove system about two-and-a-half years ago. “We just did an extension to our home and when (the contractor) looked into the gutters they almost looked brand new. I was just really impressed.” Gutterglove Incorporated has 150 dealers across the country and four product lines, ranging in price from $6 to $17 a foot, including professional installation. Lenney expects to sell more than a million feet of Gutterglove in 2010. “It’s amazing to see the growth that we’ve had,” said Galen Powers, production manager. “In the last couple years we’ve developed new products to reach different markets. Before we only had a commercial-grade product that was engineered to extreme strengths and now we have some different levels. So for someone with a regular residential home, they don’t always need the top-of-the-line product.” Gutterglove Icebreaker uses ice-melting technology to prevent gutter damage from sliding snow and also eliminates icicles. Homeowners can use the Icebreaker or other Gutterglove gutter covers as part of a snow and rain harvesting system for long-term water storage. “The reason why Gutterglove is being used by rain harvest contractors is because Gutterglove filters out all the debris,” said Lenney, who is also accredited through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. The Environmental Protection Agency reports the average American household uses about 400 gallons of water a day. Gutterglove presents a green alternative for consumers who want to store water for farming, fire protection or emergency reserve. Lenney, who employs 15 workers at his Rocklin office and warehouse, said Gutterglove systems are installed on thousands of homes, historical sites and several buildings at Stanford University. The company’s 25-year warranty guarantees gutter cleaning will be a task of the past and ensures product performance. “It’s the most expensive gutter guard made in the industry,” he said. “They tradeoff – it’s the best.” For more information on Gutterglove visit Want to get your gutters gloved? Who: Gutterglove Incorporated Information: (916) 624-5000