Heath Wakelee given Clara Barton Award

He's honored for volunteer work with American Red Cross
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Rocklin resident Heath Wakelee received the Clara Barton award, the highest honor given to a volunteer by the American Red Cross, during ceremonies held June 19. The Clara Barton Award recognizes a volunteer who has held a number of leadership positions over an extended period of service with the Red Cross. It emphasizes volunteers who contribute personal expertise, cooperation with other paid and volunteer staff, and constructive guidance. Wakelee has served in numerous volunteer positions over his years of service with the Red Cross, including the regional Board of Directors, the Placer Regional Advisory Council, Disaster Action Team member, Public Affairs representative, Health and Safety instructor, Service Delivery Committee member, and Volunteer Services Committee member. He has a great passion for the Red Cross and uses his skills in public speaking, teaching, and relationship building to encourage others to volunteer with the Red Cross, to garner support from donors, and to increase the public’s awareness of the organization’s services. He also teaches Health and Safety classes and attends donor-solicitation meetings, military hero airport welcomes and any other scheduled Red Cross event. Wakelee participates in the local DAT trainings, has travelled to Reno to provide guidance for Health and Safety programs, and is a proactive advocate for Government Relations issues, including ensuring AEDs are in place at senior care communities. In the first six months of this year, Wakelee volunteered 187 hours to the Red Cross – and that’s in spite of taking off most of February and another two weeks to recover from foot surgery! ~ Staff report