Help the environment

Reader Input
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A lot of people think that the water that goes down our storm drains will go to a water treatment plant to be cleaned. Not true! We have two separate systems. The water that we put in the storm drain will go directly into creeks and could hurt our wildlife. However, our household water will go to a water treatment plant to be cleaned before it’s put back into the river. That’s why we should be careful of what we wash down our storm drains. There are several ways we can help. We can use gravel bags around storm drains so it will block leaves and debris from going in. We can wash our cars on the grass, and use biodegradable soap. We can keep from over watering our yards, and washing off the fertilizer and other chemicals we put on our yards. We can keep litter from going down the drain. We could help the environment. Collin Buchanan-Carter, fifth grade, Rocklin