Here’s hoping I reached out to all of Rocklin

By: ToLewis, Editor
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When I first moved to Rocklin almost three years ago, one of my first introductions to the city was coming home on a Wednesday afternoon and finding The Placer Herald newspaper rolled up on my driveway. My first thought was maybe the previous occupants forgot to cancel their subscription before they moved, but week after week the paper kept coming. I didn’t know why I was getting the local newspaper, but as a former sports editor coming from the Lake Tahoe region, I was intrigued. I opened it up and I must say, week after week I did not see the news that affected me personally. Then there was the day I applied for a reporter position with Gold Country Media. After my initial interview, I was informed that the editor of The Placer Herald had just given her notice and was asked, since I had editorial experience, if I would be interested in the job. I fervently accepted the position as I looked forward to taking my journalism career to a new level. My first priority when taking this job was to make The Placer Herald a newspaper that reached out to everybody in Rocklin, not just a select few. I wanted to reach out to the average person and turn The Placer Herald into a legitimate source of community news and information. One of the hardest pressing issues in our area is growth. While we live in one of the fastest growing regions, it is still important to bring attention to and make an effort to preserve the history and heritage of this city as the modern Utopia closes in around us. The Rocklin City Council has a difficult job to say the least, but they have done their best in doing their part to help this city grow while making an attempt to stay true to its “small town” roots. There is no doubt that Rocklin is a great city in which to raise a family. The school system is consistently ranked as one of the finest in the region and state. The community is safe. The climate and location are ideal for just about anybody. As I resign my position as editor of The Placer Herald, I would like to extend a personal thank you to all those who made me feel welcome here. I have done my best to make the paper a source of community news and information as well as bring to light the important community issues that affect the lives of the average Rocklin citizen. I can only hope the new editor will continue to do so. I would like to thank Todd Lowell, Jim Trimble, Kevin Brown, Steve Paul, Robin Trimble, Bill Halldin, Gary Day, Mike Notolli, Lon Milka, Elaine O’Deegan, Allison Miller, Carlos Urrutia, George Magnuson, Kathy Lund, Peter Hill, Scott Yuill, Brett Storey and everybody else who worked closely with The Placer Herald in helping it become what it is today. I know this paper can always strive to do better, so this is my call to the community. Please help the new editor, whomever he or she may be, to feel welcome in this community and (more importantly) aware of the many important issues facing this city that affect everybody. This is an historic time for this city and what happens now will affect the lives of Rocklin citizens for many, many years to come. With that, I say farewell Rocklin. So long and thanks for all the golf!