High incomes, pension packages bleeding city dry

Letter to Editor
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Are Rocklin citizens sitting on a fence when the very people that run our city come under fire for paying out lucrative salaries allowing triple digit incomes and pension packages to bleed our budget? The city’s response: Form a committee composed of only senior staff to provide input on salaries and pension reform.  Truly a fox in the hen house story. Budget reform is opening your checkbook, allowing examination, using salary free “neutral” members of the citizenry to form a citizens’ budget review commission. Plenty of very bright people live in this city.  Past fiscal decisions plunged us into the deep ravine and all we can see is our reserves. Our city budget is under severe structural distress. We owe future generations a lesson: How do mistakes played out on Wall Street hurt us locally? Meaningful reform includes citizen oversight, transparency and public hearings. Do you agree? I am not confident the city’s budget problems will go away. Sixteen percent of the salaries are still over $100,000, plus deferred compensation and PERS retirement. Why squander our city budget on lucrative practices of the past? Stop bleeding our municipal budget. Open the books, let the citizens see tangible reform, reverse old unworkable solutions, prevent structural deficits and stop using reserves that damage investors’ perceptions of a financially healthier government making it costlier for Rocklin to borrow money, and finally affecting our rating on Wall Street. Citizens, know this, the city is in fiscal trouble. Angela Torrens, Rocklin