How they vote good indicator on where they stand

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People need to do some research to see which candidate is right for them due to how they believe and feel. Don’t follow blindly just because someone “says” something. My pop said it right when he said, “Talk is cheap.” That is never more true than in the political arena. I couldn’t care less if every member of the city council supports Doug Ose because he says he will do more for the citizens of Placer County – talk is cheap. Checking out how someone votes is a pretty good indicator of where they stand. As a pretty conservative guy I just don’t line up with Ose. He seems to be more of a liberal than a conservative and voted no on the Marriage Protection Act and also no on the Budget Reform Act and the NRA doesn’t think too highly of him either and according to the Auburn Journal. I want less government and less spending, not more. Ose is not a conservative in any sense of the word except in his talk – and again, talk is cheap. All he has talked about so far is McClintock not being from Northern California. From the issue side of things, who cares? We need to hold these politicians’ feet to the fire a bit and get them to tell us more about themselves and what they will do and less about what their opponents won’t do. But, then again, talk is cheap. We should all get out there and do our homework and research where these politicians stand and make sure they will truly represent our voice in Washington before we mark a ballot. It is our duty and obligation to do so. Brian Zufelt, Rocklin