Ice Bowl warms community hearts with charity

Disc golf tournament Saturday
By: Amanda Calzada/Placer Herald Correspondent
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There need be no ice or snow blanketing the Rocklin ground to welcome the sixth annual Ice Bowl at Johnson Springview Park, home of Rocklin’s disc golf course, this Saturday.   

“It’s a very fun event and if you’re just getting into the sport or you’re interested, it’s the best opportunity to go,” said Jenny Knisley, Soroptimist International Loomis Basin Assistant Treasurer and Northern California Professional Disc Golf Association state representative, who appreciates that the event champions the spirits of community and charity.

Last year, the Rocklin tournament of 140 participants raised 24,000 pounds of food for Placer Food Bank and $1,200 for the Soroptimist International Loomis Basin. $250 of last year’s funds were directed toward the purchase of benches, which participants can use during this year’s tournament.

An entry fee of $30 supports the Soroptimists and supplies participants with a shirt, small disc and traditional chili lunch. Additional cash donations and canned food donations are encouraged upon arrival at the park.

Ice Bowls, occurring throughout the United States, Canada, Norway, and Finland in January and December, invite communities to come together to support local charities. Since its creation in 1987, the Ice Bowl has expanded beyond U.S. borders into Canada, Norway and Finland.

Disc golf, typically played on a 18-hole course, resembles regulation golf in the sense the fewest number of throws is ideal. It is not the same game as Ultimate Frisbee, as the disc for disc golf is smaller than that of Ultimate Frisbee.

“Disc golf is a great recreational sport for all ages. It’s a great way to get out and experience and enjoy the outdoors,” said Knisley, who said the event is open to any person of any age.

The tournaments sport “No wimps, no whiners” as a motto.

Small monetary prizes are awarded to the top disc golfers at the tournament.

On-site registration begins at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. The event is expected to end in the evening. Rain or shine, participants compete in two-round totals during the day.

Those interested in registration or volunteering can contact Knisley at or call (919) 624-7200.