Reader Input

Invest in our children’s future

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Over the past four years, funding for our schools been cut dramatically. This has led to larger class sizes, shorter school years and reduced educational opportunities.

Proposition 30 is the only initiative on the November ballot that will stop the immediate and severe cuts schools will face in January. Unless Prop. 30 passes, we will lose another 8.5 percent in school funding.

If Prop. 30 fails, Rocklin will be forced into another round of cutbacks. The school year may be reduced by 15 days, which if continued would cause students to lose more than a year’s worth of education over an academic career. Class sizes will increase and more programs will be eliminated.

None of this has to happen. By passing Proposition 30, most of us will only have to make a small, temporary investment in our future through a quarter-cent sales tax increase for four years (that’s only 25 cents for every $100 spent). The income tax component of the initiative, which is also temporary, only affects the few families whose taxable income is above $500,000 per year.

Please join me and other Rocklin parents in supporting Proposition 30!

Daniel Koen, Rocklin