Investigators seeking answers in alleged "Junior Grizzlies" embezzlement

By: Eric Laughlin, The Press Tribune
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Placer County sheriff’s detectives are investigating an alleged misuse of funds involving a former board member of the Granite Bay Junior Grizzlies. Current board president Phil Grams told the Press Tribune that the former member admitted to using $25,000 of the youth football and cheer organization’s funds. He paid the sum back after being confronted, Grams said. He said the member also immediately submitted a resignation letter. Another board member who reportedly had knowledge of the theft also submitted her resignation. Grams said a third board member also knew of the alleged embezzling, but had already resigned months prior. Grams sent out an e-mail to Junior Grizzly family members late last month informing them of the incident and that a full audit is being conducted. Grams said that when he sensed “something odd” about the behavior of board members at a recent meeting, he later confronted them and discovered what had reportedly taken place. He immediately called an emergency meeting, where he determined the remaining four members had no knowledge of the alleged incident. “He has said he’s fully willing to cooperate,” Grams said of the alleged perpetrator, whose name he would not release. Placer County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Dena Erwin said the report is not yet available for public review, since an investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made. She did confirm the report was part of an embezzlement case with the Granite Bay Junior Grizzlies the victim. Eric Laughlin can be reached at