It’s the government that needs to be audited

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The solution to taxes and government bureaucratic waste is so obvious. Simple too. Shockingly, the answer involves the IRS – as an integral part, but not eliminated. Eliminate income taxes instead, and force Uncle Sam to live off sales tax and user fees. Then spin the IRS agents on their heels and aim them back at Washington. After all, they are revenue agents, so let them do what they know how to do best in an entirely new way: audit how the government spends its revenue, not how it collects it. It’s fair all around: citizens who use the most pay the most, and bureaucratic entities who spend the most get audited the most. Everyone’s a winner. The audits might even make for great reality TV on CSPAN, and allow us to see fear in bureaucrat eyes for a change. I’m certain that the reduction in waste, pork and hours spent deciphering tax code will return a portion of freedom long absent in this country: Free time to spend our savings. John Chase, Rocklin