It was the staff that made this senior’s experience so memorable

By: Tyler Lawton, Rocklin High School
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It is an honor to write this editorial about the people who have made my graduation from Rocklin High School possible. You know it’s strange, I’m a student, who in my 12 years of education, never thought I would want to write an editorial. Of course, there have been a lot of changes in me over the four years I’ve been at Rocklin High. I remember very clearly the first time I stepped on the Rocklin High campus. I am sure some of the Rocklin High teachers remember it too. I was a tiny little kid, and a nervous wreck. I was scared of this new school. My first words to emphasize my fear was, “My God! I think I am going to need a monorail to get from class to class in five minutes!” But other than the fear, I had something else riding my coattails that year. It was something that has crippled many students before me. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything. I didn’t care about graduation, I didn’t care about getting As or Bs. I didn’t even want to show up at school because I thought it was pointless. I honestly thought I would never change. But thankfully, I didn’t go to just any school. I went to Rocklin High School — the school that has put courage and care in me. There are so many moments at Rocklin High that I will never forget. I mean, just little things remain dear memories. For example, there were the days where I was down, questioning my reasons for coming to school that day, when a random member of the staff would walk past me and ask, “How ya doing?” I would say, “Fine, thank you.” And you know, just that small, little comment was enough to put a new bounce in my step and to keep me happy throughout the day. I discovered something at Rocklin High that previously I had never thought possible. I had teachers who literally came to school early just to talk to students. They came not to make up a test or something else academic, they came in early just to talk. To me, that really says something about the people at Rocklin High. I hope it never changes because it is something that Rocklin High has, that I have never seen anywhere else. And it is one big reason why I think we are one of the best schools in the state. I have made it a personal goal, that when I complete college, and I’m making a living for myself, that I will someday stop by Rocklin High to see how all the staff members are doing. I want to do this because Rocklin High has done me such a great service. Rocklin has given me confidence. Rocklin High has given me the drive to succeed. The high school has given me all I need to be successful. The care I received at Rocklin High School encouraged me to begin caring as well. And these qualities are so valuable, that it feels almost wrong for me to try repay it with just a measly guest editorial. I will be out of school very soon. I will graduate with about 370 other Rocklin High seniors on June 5. I want all the people who are responsible for making Rocklin High what it is, to know that I will never, ever forget them. They have made it possible for me to grow. I am sure the Rocklin High staff will do the same for all the students that will attend Rocklin High in the future. And for that I am very grateful. Tyler Lawton has received a $9,000 scholarship to Devry University for fall 2009. He has also earned a Golden State Seal Diploma.