Jessup students prepare for missions

Team leaves for Brazil Saturday
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William Jessup University is preparing to send out four mission trip teams of students all around the globe this summer. Teams are headed to Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya and Romania.

The Brazil mission team will head to São Paulo on Saturday, May 18. The team will partner with Restoration Ministries, working with children and families in the slums known as Favelas. The group will assist Restoration Ministries staff to coordinate evangelism programs, visiting with families, preaching at local churches, leading Bible studies and staff training, donating goods and providing encouragement.

During their stay, the team will also sponsor 40 children who live in the Favelas to go to camp. The WJU mission team will run the entire camp (located on five acres outside of the city), providing a rare experience for children who never get to leave the Favelas.

For these kids, who are used to living in places devoid of leisure and beauty, the camp is a special place where they can enjoy nature’s beauty, according to a WJU press release.

“They will get to walk on grass and swim in a pool, maybe for the first time. They will also get to sleep in a comfortable bed, eat three meals a day, play with camp counselors and are given an opportunity to learn about Jesus.”