Joint investigation nets eight arrests in assault weapons conspiracy in Placer County

Placer works with CHP, ATF
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Eight men were arrested in an assault weapons sales conspiracy in a joint effort with the Placer County Regional Auto Theft Task Force, California Highway Patrol and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

On Aug. 22, four men in Placer County were arrested for their role in an alleged assault weapons sales conspiracy. On Aug. 29, four other men were also arrested in the alleged conspiracy by the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force, according to a press release issued Wednesday morning by the Placer County District Attorney’s office.

The eight men arrested are Jady Chantha Mysoth, Sisouphanh Phomma, Roger Boriboune, Udom Ketphanh, Jack Jason Thammavongsa, Derrick Hardin, Jimmie Lee Jones and Panya Manivong, all of Sacramento. Still wanted for arrest is Veronica Alexis Miller, aka Powe, of Sacramento.

On Aug. 24, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office filed a 117-count felony complaint against nine defendants. Defendants Mysoth, Jones, Thammavongsa and Phomma were arraigned in Placer County Superior Court on Aug. 28, where they all entered pleas of not guilty. Their next court date is Sept. 20, in Dept. 13 of the Placer County Superior Court.

Defendants Boriboune, Hardin, Ketphanh and Manivong were arraigned in Dept.13 of the Placer County Superior Court on Sept. 4.

The details of the investigation reveal that from August 2011 through August 2012 defendant Mysoth allegedly met with undercover detectives 19 times to sell 49 weapons and methamphetamine in Sacramento and Placer counties.

On these occasions, Mysoth and various co-conspirators met with undercover officers and allegedly sold 14 illegal assault weapons, illegal high-capacity magazines, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and rifles. Mysoth was also charged with allegedly selling a quarter-pound of methamphetamine to undercover officers.

Based on information obtained by investigators, Mysoth, Thammavongsa and Phomma were charged with a separate charge of felony gang activity. All of the other defendants are charged with assisting gang members.

“ATF works to reduce violent crime by targeting and dismantling street gangs that pose the greatest threat to public safety,” Special Agent in Charge Joseph M. Riehl said in the release. “Gangs are sophisticated and flagrant in their use of firearms for violence and intimidation — in this case, we were successful in restricting the flow of firearms to these gang members by both arresting these individuals and seizing numerous guns during this investigation.”