Jumping into the record books

By: Lauren Gibbs, The Placer Herald
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After 10 minutes of jump roping, Valley View students were worn out. “We had fun, but now I feel dead,” said fifth-grader Marley Bauer. Bauer was one of more than 600 Valley View Elementary students who participated in a statewide attempt to beat Australia’s Guinness World Record for the most people jumping or skipping rope at the same time. Australia’s record of 59,000 skippers and jumpers, was the goal to be squashed by the people of California Monday as approximately 80,000 people jumped from 9 to 9:10 a.m. With two 10-second breaks, students were able to catch their breath and stay motivated with physical education teacher Shelly Rabe’s words of encouragement. “Keep going — you can do it,” Rabe said. The morning’s goal was not only to participate and break a world record, but the jumping was also part of Jump Rope for Heart and the Governor’s Challenge, said Valley View fifth-grader Ellarie Sutton. With music blasting, ropes in hand and flushed faces, almost every student was out of breath after the 10 minutes. Besides the fun factor, students knew why they were doing it. “I was doing this because it’s fun and we are helping someone with heart disease,” said Valley View fifth-grader Joey Arrow. “I think it’s great for our heart,” Valley View third-grader Ryan Rockey added. Rocklin Academy students were also among the California jumpers out to break the record. “Jumping rope is great physical exercise for kids,” Heidi Lawrence, Rocklin Academy physical education teacher said in a release. “Heart disease is our nation’s No. 1 killer and Jump Rope for Heart gives kids another tool they can use to make healthy choices.”