Kachmar released from custody

Detectives investigating whether suspect acted in self-defense
By: Staff Report
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The arraignment of Rocklin resident Zachary Kachmar, 20, that began on Tuesday will continue on July 29, according to a press release from the Placer County District Attorney’s Office.

Rocklin police officers arrested Kachmar on Sunday morning in connection with the stabbing death of 51-year-old Robert Earl Vickney Jr., also of Rocklin, but released him from custody on Tuesday. The preliminary case was submitted to the Placer County District Attorney’s Office by the Rocklin Police Department and is still under review.

“The preliminary case includes information that was received by detectives after Kachmar’s arrest that suggests that the suspect may have acted in self-defense or without criminal intent,” according to the release. “Rocklin detectives continue to investigate that information, as well as other aspects of the case. It is necessary for our office to have this additional information before deciding if charges are appropriate.”

Kachmar’s mother, Natalie Kachmar, said her son is home and described him as a peaceful person, a Whitney High School graduate who wrestled and played football. 
“My son is not an aggressive boy,” she said. "He's not mean, he's not aggressive – my son doesn't get into fights."

According to Rocklin Police Captain Lon Milka, investigators learned that Vickney had gotten into a verbal altercation with Kachmar during a party at Vickney's home. Details on the nature of the party, and the altercation, have been vague so far.

Kachmar will be released from custody pending the conclusion of the investigation, the release added.

“Given the nature of this case and the fact that the investigation is ongoing, our office will have no further comment until a decision is made regarding whether or not charges are warranted in the case.”