Klein had more to lose than he had to gain

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Klein had more to lose than he had to gain From the beginning of Aaron Klein’s first term as Sierra College trustee, there has been an on-going debate over his qualifications, his motives for being on the board and his integrity. Two items in this discussion stand out to me; the sudden departure of President Dr. Kevin Ramirez, and the question of whether a bond measure should be placed on the ballot to finance the deferred maintenance of buildings inherited by the new board in 2005. As a brand-new first term trustee I find it tough to believe that Aaron Klein forced Ramirez to take an early retirement. Ramirez alone made that choice, and he also left this job very hastily with a large chunk of taxpayer money. A bond measure has been proposed by another trustee as a method to fund improvements at Sierra. Aaron Klein does not support additional fees for taxpayers during this time of economic uncertainty. Today, hard financial decisions need to be made and we need strong, smart, business- minded people in position to make those decisions. There were no easy answers to the financial situation Aaron Klein inherited when he was first elected to the board, and he certainly has more to lose politically than his detractors claim he has to gain. Despite these obstacles he is committed to see the new direction Sierra College has embarked upon continue so students and taxpayers receive benefits from this institution far into the future. My vote: Klein. Greg A. Calac, Auburn