Kudos to activists for fighting to preserve oak trees

Letter to editor
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After reading the past two week’s articles (Herald, May 15 and 22) about the city of Rocklin’s lack of involvement to preserve our oak trees, I would like to applaud to the Citizens for Tree Preservation for being proactive in preserving our oak trees. The city of Rocklin is fortunate to have the landscaped scenery of the large prestigious oak trees throughout the hills. Sadly, I must inform you all that city of Rocklin has approved the removal of hundreds of oak trees in the Whitney Ranch community. Peter Bridges, who is the developer of the community (and also our Whitney Ranch HOA president...conflict interest? yes!), received the approval. hSeveral years ago at the city Hall meeting, I presented my case to preserve the trees and built around them. Mr. Bridges stated that he has to remove the trees so he can “put in pipes and other structures.” He hired “his own arborist” to determine which tree should be removed. Everything was so wrong at all angles. Finally, these oak trees are part of our community and our nature. The trees give the city of Rocklin the true character and the prestigious reputation and the life for nature. If a city labels itself the Tree City USA (Rocklin only has three years of membership?) and removes 1,500 oak trees, it sure contradicts itself. The city council needs to reconsider their decisions because the more oak trees they lose, the more votes they lose. Alexander J Dewey, Rocklin