Law enforcement shields its own

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It’s just such favored treatment of the DUI arrest of officer John Caliguire that makes my work difficult (Journal, Nov. 19). For 10 years I have worked in the mandated programs for DUI offenders, and in all that time I have never seen a member of law enforcement subjected to the same penalties as the ordinary citizen. Clients in the DUI program are repeatedly and constantly citing examples of police favoritism, protecting “their own” and acting freely outside the law with perceived impunity. Why is officer Caliguire still driving around arresting people, when Joe Six Pack loses his/her job as a result of the DUI? As a professional in addictive treatment, I can almost guarantee you this is not the first time he drove drunk, or the first time he was stopped by other law enforcement. Cheers to the Rocklin Police for bucking sub rosa police protocols and taking the menace off the streets and jeers to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department for putting him back on the streets. I don’t condemn John Caliguire for his actions. A BAC (blood alcohol content) of .33 clearly indicates a much more serious problem with alcohol and needs some serious treatment. It’s time we have a citizens’ police review board a la Oakland, San Diego, Pittsburg, Albany etc. made up of ordinary citizens to review and recommend actions on police complaints. Government and law enforcement will fight it strenuously, but isn’t the “politically correct” catchword now “transparency”? William Leonard, Rocklin