Leader’s remarks reveal agenda

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Rocklin officials seem to prefer Stanford Ranch landscapes over those of Mother Nature’s. Kathy Lund’s quotes regarding the Clover Valley lawsuit “win,” reveal the depth of her inability to grasp any concept of doing the right thing – saving this unique resource. We all know that property taxes and up-front fees cannot sustain Rocklin’s future needs, especially with build-out almost completed. Unless the city raises its sales tax, where will new city revenues come from? One most obvious and ignored answer is “tourist dollars.” Mother Nature gave Rocklin its own tourist destination, a sustainable income source, gilded with remarkable ecological and cultural resources in the form of Clover Valley. When will Rocklin officials recognize and work to conserve this elegant but finite gift? When a judge rules 100 percent against the combined wisdom of esteemed lawyers with good environmental track records, he sets the stage for an appeal. We can only hope the three plaintiffs will continue to work to save Clover Valley and that Rocklin officials will do the same. Matt Marin, Newcastle