Learn to ‘Love Your Body’ during weeklong festivities

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Sierra College will hold their 5th annual Love Your Body Week at the Rocklin and Nevada County campuses April 4-8. Love Your Body Week celebrates the beauty of all people and honors their differences, creating an empowering and accepting environment for students, faculty, staff and the public. The schedule of week-long events — all open to the public at no charge — includes speakers, a poetry reading, panel discussions, student projects, as well as a display of the Body Secrets of Sierra College Project. “We must challenge the mainstream notions of the ideal body,” said Megan Seely, professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Sierra College. “Love Your Body Week gives us the opportunity to educate and empower while dispelling the myths and misconceptions perpetuated by advertising, media, and popular culture.” Each year Sierra holds a competition for the design of the upcoming Love Your Body Week logo. This year’s contest winner was Candie Bolton, a freelance illustrator and graphic design artist who thought the contest would be a good way to expand her portfolio. “Love Your Body Week is important because it promotes the idea of being happy with who you are instead of trying to achieve an unrealistic self image,” Bolton said. “I think if people can learn to be more comfortable with how they look then they can focus more on what truly makes them happy. Winning this contest has helped me think critically about how my designs can help represent a larger ideal.” For more information on Love Your Body Week, go to or call (916) 660-8068. ~Staff report