Letter to Editor: America built on Christian values

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?Celebrate America? festival too filled with ?proselytizing? (Placer Herald, July 5)? Mr. Detrich, the foundations of the United States of America stand foursquare on Christian principles and values. ?In God We Trust? is on every bill and coin printed or minted by this nation for a reason. Until very recently we were a nation openly glad to receive God?s grace and protection and to offer public thanks. However, Christian grace and respect for others has been perceived as apathy and lack of faith by you and others who ?have a great time.? at the expense of those who pray, pay the price, and endeavor to live by the ?Golden Rule.? Next we?ll be asked to leave Christ out of Christmas and the resurrection out of Easter, lest we offend. I, for one, am not ashamed of my Christian faith. I believe it is what causes me to worry about offending you or others with this letter, but that is a risk worth taking to make certain that the roots of this great nation are protected and cared for. A ?seed? was planted in 1776 that you would, no doubt, consider ?proselytizing.? I, on the other hand, consider it ?sowing good seed? in hope of a bountiful harvest. We?ll miss you next year, but don?t be surprised if the ?seed sowers? show up there, too. God bless America! David Rawls, Rocklin