Letter to editor: Anyone thinking about future?

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I have been seeing Census Bureau population estimates for the U.S. and California. This question popped into my head, “Is anybody thinking about or planning for a California population of 55,000,000 by 2040 and a U.S. population of 410,000,000 in the same time period”? Someone should be planning for the increased needs for energy, water, food, housing, transportation, education, health care, etc. for this increased population. When I call or e-mail my “representatives” I’m told they consider all of these things when are putting together legislation, but my feeling is they rarely plan for anything past the next election. I would feel a lot better, especially for my kids and grandkids, if I thought there really was some effort being put into planning for the needs of a society with tens of millions of more people. Don Perera, Rocklin