Letter to editor: Benefits to dog licensing

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We sympathize with the concern Ms. Little (Herald, 10/6) has about some people not being able to afford a license for their dog. A bigger concern is this: If someone cannot afford a dog license, how can they afford veterinary care, shots, food, etc. Because our canine companions give us unconditional love and loyalty, we owe them the same. We at RRUFF do recognize the value to both the dog and its person of providing a loving home, particularly if the alternative would be euthanasia for the animal. RRUFF will partner with other organizations to help find a good solution to this problem because we recognize the current economic environment has created financial hardships for many people. We do want, however, to remind everyone that the state of California requires all dog over four months old be licensed. There are many benefits to both dog and dog owner if the animal is licensed. The most important being protection against rabies, and animal control is able to trace your pet 24 hours a day, every day of the year should your pet be lost and be sure emergency veterinary care is provided, if needed. The June 17 edition of the Placer Herald printed a detailed commentary on all the benefits of having your pet licensed. We enjoyed the comparison by the reader who commented “what’s next? Children?” Well, children aren’t licensed, but they are fingerprinted, just in case. So, Gracie Little, we appreciate your perspective and will see how we can help make dog licenses more affordable. Victoria Bottini Curtis, Founder, President RRUFF