Letter to Editor: city racing to cut down oaks?

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There appears to be a growing awareness and public dismay that Rocklin’s government is in a race to cut down all the beautiful native oaks and fill the remaining open space with more retail when we already have empty retail space throughout Rocklin. The speed with which they clear cut the corner of Granite and Sierra College was shocking and probably done to forestall protests by citizens who loved that landscape. Citizen groups are forming to stand with signs on street corners protesting more development and destruction of habitat. Our city is in a predicament due to years of poor planning and is once again depending on new development fees to pay for city services instead of making an intense effort to fill the existing empty business spaces. Refurbishing existing retail creates jobs too. If you feel that continued destruction of our beautiful open spaces and wildlife habitat is the wrong way to go, email our new City Manager, Rick Horst at: It’s difficult to get to city council meetings when they occur at 6 p.m., so let our council know how you feel. When it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin