Letter to Editor: City should set up Historic Preservation Commission

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From Bakersfield to Beverly Hills, forward thinking cities (and City Council members) are establishing Historic Preservation Ordinances along with Historic Preservation Commissions. Such forward thinking city council members are beginning to see the economic value in linking a community’s past to its present. Historic preservation does not mean the simple restoration of old buildings, but establishes a sense of permanence and continuity by defining the community’s unique cultural inheritance. Preserving our historic structures allows us to retain a tangible connection to our past as well as act as an inspiration for future progress. Protecting and promoting Rocklin’s valuable historic resources would boost civic pride, economic prosperity and give residents, as well as visitors, a visual reminder of our shared heritage. Rocklin’s historic treasures include: Saint Mary’s Church; Big Gun Granite Quarry (It’s called Rocklin because of the rock!); Rocklin Historical Society; Finnish Temperance Hall; Old Rocklin City Hall; Whitney granite bridges; numerous historic homes; and remnants of the Central Pacific Railroad Roundhouse By protecting and enhancing our city’s heritage, a historic preservation ordinance would ensure that future generations could see and experience the legacy left behind by past generations. Since Rocklin’s current city council members have been unsupportive in this area, I am hoping that any newly elected city council members will seriously consider the economic and cultural benefits of such actions. Carol Ellis, 30 year Rocklin resident