Letter to editor: City should take responsibility

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Citizens for Tree Preservation (CTP), a new local group, has asked the city of Rocklin to purchase and preserve a beautiful nine-acre parcel as a passive park at the corner of Sierra College Boulevard and Rocklin Road. A previously approved plan would have allowed re-grading of the rolling land and clear-cutting of the 400 mature oaks for yet another office complex! However, the property was foreclosed on and is now being offered for sale at a reserve price of $695,000 — certainly within reach for a city that holds $1.4 million in tree mitigation funds. A proposal was presented to the city of Rocklin by CTP to use some of their stagnant “tree funds,” but they have taken no action to do so. They want to maximize the land to its so-called “highest and best use,” even though retail and office vacancies abound throughout Rocklin. Surrounding neighborhoods will be the primary victims if this destructive plan goes forth. Traffic, air, light and noise pollution will increase. Wildlife habitat will be lost and the opportunity to create a passive park at this prime location near a college and residential neighborhoods will be lost. CTP was formed in an effort to preserve Rocklin’s oak trees and other natural resources. After the recent tree massacre on Granite Drive, citizens want to send a strong message to the Rocklin City Council that “enough is enough.” To lend your support to this proposal, write or call the Rocklin City Council, or contact CTP at Irene and Roger Smith, Citizens for Tree Preservation