Letter to editor: Council's decision unfortunate

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It is unfortunate that City Council members did not allow a one-year delay in demolishing the sheds at Big Gun Quarry as the citizens of Rocklin requested. The council shows little vision in our community's growth with the quarry as a priceless destination and the tourist dollars that would certainly follow. The council will likely defer to visionless developers as they have done in the past. The vice mayor read a statement that had obviously been prepared before the meeting so there was no authentic dialog and once again council members gave the appearance of not listening to the public they serve just as they did with Clover Valley. We the citizens of Rocklin are getting fed up with all of them. They have no real vision of what Rocklin could really be like, People would come and see the history of our city as it was. All the council cares about is their own agenda and to heck with us taxpayers. They have our money, so what do they really care? The quarry could be made into a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. Joy Luzzi, Rocklin