Letter to editor: Coverage distorted

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Media bias is often subtle and obscure. You hear about it, may suspect it, but only when you experience it personally, do you recognize its distortions. From reading Jon Brine’s (Herald, 9/8) “report” on Congressman McClintock’s Town Hall meeting in the Sunset Center, one would think that he barely got out of town alive. I was there and nothing could have been further from the truth. Sure, there were about a dozen people with placards, heckling with rude interruptions, but few of them seemed interested in the civil discourse McClintock offered. Conversely, hundreds of others, including a large contingent of Tea Party participants listened politely, asked germane questions, and heard the concerns expressed. Congressman McClintock did a masterful job of responding completely and concisely to all. The most telling moment of the evening was when McClintock asked, “How many of you think the country is going in the right direction under Obama?” There were excited shouts from perhaps 30 people in the room, almost as if a thrill was going up someone’s leg. Then, when asked the opposite question, “How many of you think the country is going in the wrong direction under Obama” people stood up, and a huge chorus of shouts and applause exploded across the room. I thought the roof was going to come off. Reasonable people can often disagree on what is heard and seen, but there is no question that a large majority liked what McClintock said and agree with what he believes. Jerry Mitchell, Rocklin