Letter to Editor: Faith in today's youth restored

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On Tuesday, Jan. 7 around 4:30 p.m., I was on Midas going to the grocery store and noticed the crossing arms were down. Obviously, there was some sort of malfunction as there were no trains coming. People were backed up on Pacific waiting to turn left and Midas was backing up as well. I noticed a young man in a brown T-shirt, maybe 16 or 17, had stopped his bike and was directing traffic. He was standing between the sets of tracks watching for any trains, while also directing cars from both directions. When the light changed, he would stop the Midas cars and wave the turning cars through. When the light was red, he waved Midas cars on. He was soon joined by another young man around the same age who was wearing a red T-shirt. These young men took control when someone had to step up. This type of action renews my faith in our young people and our future. Mike Stark, Rocklin