Letter to Editor: Festival was church event

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Rocklin?s ?Celebrate America? was paid for by a church and offered free to the community, planned by a church, staffed by volunteers from that church and then cleaned up and torn down by the same church. It should come as no surprise that the church would have an interest in furthering its primary functions at the same event. That Mr. Detrich in his opinion letter (Placer Herald, July 5) would find it in himself not to thank the church for its enormous efforts, but to whine about what he didn?t like exemplifies a society whose grace now allows them to, in fact, look a gift horse in the mouth. Mr. Detrich found so much religious celebration offensive to his anti-Christian and more politically moderate sensibilities. Apparently, too, the lack of a beer booth precluded him from donating needed resources to the Rotary Club for college scholarships. A direct donation, without the cost of the beer to the club, would go further to that end. And donations are accepted year ?round. John Chase, Rocklin