Letter to Editor: Festival was not about community

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Whoa, hold on, I am not anti-Christian. However, I do prefer not to be beat over the head with a specific brand of Christianity. ?Celebrate America? was clearly a conservative-right Christian event, though it was not billed that way. Believe it or not, there are other types of Christians. For 43 years Rocklin had a ?community? event that included Christians, Jews, Catholics and whatever. The taxes we pay apparently no longer ?entitle? us to a community celebration, though Lincoln, Roseville, Auburn and most other major cities around us still seem to be able to afford one. At the Auburn event on the Fourth of July, which was admittedly not quite as slick as ?Celebrate America,? they had a parade that included both Tea Party and Democratic Party floats. That is what I call celebrating America. Don Detrich, Rocklin