Letter to Editor: Glad to see Rocklin's history recognized

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I was glad to see that this piece of Rocklin?s history (Big Gun Quarry) is getting the recognition it deserves (Herald, July 12). It?s a pretty prestigious to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Now it?s up to Rocklin to take advantage of this designation. I?ve been waiting for the development of a Rocklin ?downtown? for many years. Developing ?Big Gun? into an area that would show off our history would be a first step in developing that elusive, often talked about, ?downtown?. There has been a proposal to develop it with boutique shops, restaurants, walking and picnic areas? all built around the two quarries in this area. I hope that the residents of Rocklin get together to encourage the City Council to consider this type of historic development. It would turn this area into a ?destination? point, attracting tourists and shoppers to this beginning of a ?real? downtown. Don Perera, Rocklin