Letter to editor: Government doesn't need to help solve personal problems

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I pray for the day people stop looking to the government to solve their personal problems. If you have an issue with your neighbor whereby they are causing you and/or your family bodily harm, then I encourage you to take them to court. That is what a Republic is about; rule of law that protects your individual life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. So, if someone is infringing on any one of those rights, you can take them to court and be heard by a jury of your peers and collect damages if you prevail. Please leave the government out of your personal problems. What you request from your government, even by premise of virtue, is a slippery slope that has tyrannous effects on all of the community that we collectively may not want. I, personally, don’t want the government telling me what incense I can burn on my patio or the plants I can plant, based on my neighbor’s asthma/allergies or how about the amount of lights I can have in my backyard because it interferes with someone’s Feng Shui. Everyone really needs to wake up! We are at a point in time where each of us needs to make a choice between freedom with a constitutionally-limited government or a command-control-centralized bureaucratic government whereby we give up our freedom for security. There is no “In between” at this juncture. Cindi Pearman, Rocklin