Letter to Editor: Let's get to work to develop downtown

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As a nine-year resident of Rocklin, I have been listening to the council?s promises of developing a ?downtown? Rocklin that will attract folks to this area, improve the image, and improve its economy. So far I haven?t seen much of anything positive to attract tourists and their dollars. Rocklin is a pretty nice place to live, but it doesn?t seem to have much to attract outside visitors and their money. As a resident of Rocklin I find myself doing most of my shopping/entertainment/recreation outside of Rocklin. There isn?t much here that I want to see or experience. A Clover Valley nature and cultural resource would have been great, could still be great. A ?downtown? that accentuates the long and colorful history of Rocklin would be great. So far I haven?t seen much coming out of our council to put Rocklin ?on the map,? anybody?s map. I think there are a lot of interested and dedicated folks in the Rocklin area who are just itching to help Rocklin grow as a tourist destination. It has the history. It just needs to be developed. The council needs to put together a ?task force? to look at all the options. Rocklin needs it. The residents of Rocklin need/deserve it. Let?s get to work. Don Perera, Rocklin