Letter to Editor: Let's tax everything

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It seems there are a lot of you who favor increasing taxes on the rich and corporations. I have a suggestion how we can accomplish your goals of more taxation. First, eliminate all Federal taxes including the income taxes. Second, replace it with a nationwide sales tax on everything. By doing this, everyone would be paying their fair share of taxes to support the programs you want. It would also increase tax revenues by taxing those who work under the table for cash and pay no Federal taxes, but want the benefits. I know what you will say, the rich would pay less. Not really. It is based on what you buy. As I see it, when 40 percent of the public is not paying taxes but receives benefits, they don’t seem care what the costs are. If they paid their share, they might care where (our) leaders are spending our tax dollars. Our forefathers wanted equal taxation, which means everyone needs to support our government through fair taxes, not just the rich. Ted Smith, Rocklin