Letter to Editor: Newspaper's support for saving our city's history welcome

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Thank you to the editorial staff of our hometown newspaper for speaking in support of having a member of the Historical Society on the Oversight Board of the redevelopment areas in town. It was nice to see their approval of the efforts made to save our city’s history. Without that history, Rocklin is just another nice community in which to live, when it could be that and more. With some imagination, the Big Gun quarry area has much potential for recreation and tourism. Our city manager has some ideas for the area that would make it a destination for our citizens, as well as those in surrounding communities. Rocklin will never be the shopping magnet that Roseville is, but we can offer a better experience that combines some retail, dining and entertainment that will keep our residents spending their dollars in Rocklin. Think about an outdoor mining museum under the Big Gun sheds and the quarry offering rock climbing, zip lines, concerts and theater. Then imagine swimming, boating and maybe fishing in Quinn Quarry. We have great potential here to make the most of Rocklin’s unique natural beauty and history. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin