Letter to Editor: No more vacancies

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This letter is written in regard to the auction of land located at the corner of Rocklin Road and Sierra College Boulevard. At present, the land is home to beautiful old growth oak trees and open parkland with rolling elevations. Previous plans for it have included development of 13 commercial buildings and permission to eradicate 92 percent of the trees. That land lays adjacent to Hidden Creek at Sierra College neighborhood. Its trees provide us a lovely view. Its parkland provides children a place to play and explore without having to brave Sierra College Boulevard’s traffic. The heavy traffic and associated 50 MPH speed limit already pose a hazard when attempting to exit our neighborhood. We are forced to go right. Any increase in traffic at that intersection will further the congestion and peril for pedestrians. The intersection also includes nine vacant offices at the strip mall across Sierra College Boulevard and additional empty office space nearby. It does not make economical sense to build more commercial space. That is paramount to building a ghost town and inviting vandalism. It is the hope of many of us that Rocklin’s City Council will consider using some of its Tree Mitigation fund to purchase the property to save the parkland and its old oaks. Recent developments a mile away across I-80 lost us 1,000. Robin G. Opel, Rocklin